Helping busy go-getters confidently achieve goals and attain lasting results.

Hello, I’m Coach Lisa.

My story started in 2002 in a restaurant in beautiful Burlington, Vermont. While at dinner with some new gal pals, a unique and inspiring perspective I shared during a conversation resulted in one of the women asking if she could call me to schedule private sessions for helping her through an emotional struggle she was having regarding her relationship with her significant other. (I thought, why not? Even though I had never even thought of taking heart-to-heart discussions and caring sharing to a business level.)

Those sessions which turned into her signing up for another round, resulted in a referral to her sister-in-law who was struggling with weight loss. Before I knew it, I was creating a small business base of referrals which led me to creating InCourage Life Coaching where I set out to serve as many as possible to help them uncover obstacles preventing them from reaching their goals and dreams.

I am Lisa Christy, Master Life Coach and Founder of ICLC. I am so proud of how I began, how many I have helped, and how far I’ve come, and I want to share my perspective in guiding you to become the very best version of yourself and thoroughly enjoy this life you are living!

Whether you want to:

  • Stop overeating and finally lose weight for good.
  • Have better relationships with others (and yourself).
  • Be more self-confident.
  • Uncover obstacles preventing you from moving forward in any aspect of your life.
  • Recover from the loss of an unhealthy relationship.
  • Create greater earning potential for your business.

I teach you proven techniques to be fierce and on top of your daily grind.
Because it is 100% possible and you’ve got this.

"Lisa truly coaches from her heart with compassion and wisdom. In her role as an experienced Life Coach, she listened to my thoughts and feelings carefully and closely without judgement and helped me to identify and overcome specific roadblocks to my success. Her business name, InCourage, both reflects Lisa’s understanding of the courage it can take each of us to move in the direction of change and her special way of providing positivity and encouragement to her clients."
"I wanted to take some time to gather my thoughts on just how my sessions with you have impacted my life. I say impacted because how can a mindset or way of thinking really be changed in just 90 minutes? Well, let me tell you! Your knowledge and guidance have encouraged me to see what I now know to be the best moments in my life. I was happy before, but I always hit a wall. With your help, I was able to knock down that wall and continue on this amazing journey. Thanks again, Lisa!"
"I am grateful for working with Lisa these last 12 weeks. My goals have changed over the course of our time together and now I know and understand the scale doesn’t define who I am. I am learning to love myself, and I now have a more positive outlook for my future and I can take on anything and figure it out. It has been good for me to talk to someone face to face that I am comfortable telling all the things to. Lisa does not judge me for anything that I say, she is very encouraging, and she is my cheerleader when I can’t do it myself."
"I am so thankful that I found Lisa. She has such a positive and engaging personality. She was so well-prepared for all our sessions. She helped me realize that all my BS thoughts were just thoughts, not facts. With her guidance and expertise, I reached my goal in just four short weeks. I now have the tools necessary to change my thoughts that are not serving me well."

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